Mário Petreje

The author of VOAYER exhibitions is Mário Petreje. Father, the son and the holy spirit… He has two beautiful children, Sarah Alexis and Maximus Alexis, and an amazing partner Neliana.

He organized the first Nude Women Exhibition in 2016. In December 2016 he organized the second Nude Women Exhibition and again in Bratislava. It was unsuccessful and so far only three photographs have been published. “I am not proud of this exhibition, but I am very glad I did it. Even though I experienced a difficult period after it, I still decided not to end but to move the whole project to a higher level. ” In 2017 he organized the exhibition for the first time in Prague. In 2018 the exhibition was again held in Prague but for the first time in the gallery Dancing House galleryThis exhibition was visited by author's family including his grandmother. "This exhibition is for all adults with an open mind and without prejudice."

Dozens of interviews, hundreds of reports and articles, thousands of visitors, hundreds of thousands of youtube and millions of addressed people. All of this has also raised a number of questions. One of them was why only women. Even in 2018 the first exhibition of naked men took place in Prague.

In 2018 the book JA, VOAYERis published, in which the author describes his life journey in building the project VOAYER. He describes how before the first exhibition he already lived in the office for a year and yet tried to organize the first event of his life and without funds.

In 2019 he opened the VOAYER GALLERY, a gallery with a permanent exhibition of real naked people. However, this project had to end after three months as failure.

He also sees the potential and need for the VOAYER project in the lives of today's people, through the awareness of his own mistakes or achievements. Despite his own failures, he managed to keep the project thanks to investors. In 2019, the exhibition of naked women returned to Slovakia to the beautiful ZOYA GALLERYAnd see you in 2020…

“The VOAYER exhibition makes sense. Nowadays social networking is where most communication takes place online. People find it normal to present themselves through various filters or in situations that have nothing to do with their real life. We create the illusion of life around us. And often what we wouldn't even want. VOAYER shows people the way they really are. Full of instincts, feelings, excitement, understanding, respect, and last but not least, we are full of love. And love is not expected, love is provided. VOAYER is the most exciting exhibition of the most real and beautiful art - the art of living. ”

If you want to see what real women look like, come to any VOAYER exhibition.

He also publishes pages from her book JA, VOAYER. Follow the author of the world's most exciting exhibition…. 

People are art