The uniqueness of the exhibition consists of naked women. The programme, as well as the behaviour of visitors, is subject to this reality. The safety of the models and visitors is our primary concern! Please respect all of our rules and the directions of the organisers. ENTRY TO THE EXHIBITION IS PERMITTED ONLY TO PERSONS AGED 18 YEARS OLD! Younger persons aren’t permitted to enter even in the company of an adult person! No special clothing is required. It’s only important that you are dressed. The exhibition is aimed at anyone who has an open mind and is honest to himself.


The gates of the exhibition will open for the visitors for the first time on the at 11:30. The end of the exposition will be on the at 21:30. More about the programme and entry can be found here.Each entry will last a maximum of two hours. Each visitor will be able to view the exhibition only in the two-hour period from their arrival. For security reasons and the smoothness of the exhibition, we stress the fact that a visitor shouldn’t stay longer than necessary for a calm and sufficient viewing of all areas. Let others also have the same space. You’ll definitely have a strong experience.


Only a visitor with a valid admission ticket that arrives in the reserved time slot will be allowed to enter. More about entry can be found here. You must be over 18 years old. Viac o vstupoch nájdeš tu.


V deň konania výstavy bude možné kúpiť vstupenku len v priestoroch výstavy. Cena takejto vstupenky pre jednu osobu a jeden vstup bude vyššia ako v predpredaji. Kapacita priestoru na každý výstavný vstup je limitovaná, preto odporúčame zakúpenie vstupenky, čo najskôr. Organizátor si vyhradzuje právo neumožniť v deň výstavy predaj vstupeniek. Určite využi predpredaj.


he safety of the models, visitors and the course of the exhibition is ensured by a security firm and members of the organising team. VOAYER a kedykoľvek počas trvania výstavy organizátorom poverenými osobami.
We want you, along with the models, to feel safe and comfortable. The visitors of the exhibition agree to a body search performed by the security service during the entry into the area and whenever present in the area, throughout the course of the exhibition, by the appointed private security service (hereinafter “SBS”). By purchasing the admission ticket the visitor agrees to follow the instructions of the organisers or the SBS and to go through a body search and all acts required to ensure safety of health and belongings of the visitors of the exhibition. The SBS workers are entitled to ensure the leave, or to deny access to visitors of the exhibition and/or carrying their belongings out of the area of the exhibition, if the visitors don’t comply with the instructions stated in these rules or the instructions of the SBS workers and/or the persons authorised by the organiser. If you consider this to be inadequate then you have to know that the course of the first Exhibition of Naked Women took place without any problems or conflicts.


Some models will be able to touch. Only gentle touch or caressing will be left in the hygienic gloves you get at the show. Models you can touch will be tagged. Nie je prípustné zasúvať prsty do telesných otvorov, resp. zvyšovať intenzitu dotyku či hladenia!


In the area of the exhibition, taking pictures is PERMITTED! To make videos is PROHIBITED! The organiser of the exhibition can and will create videos and photographs during the course of the exhibition. The acquired material will be used also for references and advertising material for future years. By purchasing an admission ticket you agree to the photographing, video taking and publishing of the materials made.
Organizátor výstavy môže zhotovovať video záznam a fotografie počas celého trvania výstavy. Takto získané materiály použijeme k referenciám a k propagačným materiálom ďalších ročníkov. Zakúpením vstupenky dávaš súhlas k fotografovaniu, nakrúcaniu a zverejneniu takto vyhotovených materiálov. Žiadosť: V prípade verejného publikovania (sociálne siete) fotografií z výstavy upozorňujeme, že je nutné prekryť intímne časti modeliek. Budeme radi, ak svoje fotografie označíš #NahotaNiejeHriech


– talk to, touch or otherwise contact / harass the models
– to verbally harass or to harass other visitors through the use of gestures, noise or personal nudity other visitors
– to cross the dedicated zone of the exhibition area
– to bring a person aged under 18 years old to the exhibition
– to show photographs made at this exhibition to persons aged under 18 years old
– to consume any food in the area of the exhibition
– to consume alcohol or drugs in the area of the exhibition
– to smoke cigarettes or give blowjobs in the area of the exhibition
– to use the flash when taking pictures
– to bring an animal into the area of the exhibition
– to bring pyrotechnic items, explosives or flammable liquids into the area of the exhibition
– to have sex or other related things in the area of the exhibition! Leave it for home!
– to bring unusually large luggage (backpack, suitcase etc.) into the area of the exhibition
– to enter the area of the exhibition under the influence of alcohol or other narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances. The visitor under an obvious influence of this substance won’t be permitted to enter the area of the exhibition, regardless of having a valid admission ticket
– to bring glass bottles, knives and other dangerous objects threatening the safety and health of other visitors into the area of the exhibition

The visitor can’t stay longer than required for a calm viewing of each showpiece.
The organiser reserves the right to empty the exhibition before each ending of the two-hour entry and even before, if the situation demands it. The exhibition isn’t meant for masturbation, but for the pleasure of the mind and sight. Masturbation should be left for a home setting. The organizer reserves the right to change the rules of the exhibition.

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